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17 year old Fred Pye started uploading walkthroughs for the blockbuster hit "Grand Theft Auto V". His parents were originally unhappy about his playing habits, but their tune changed after he started to make money from his YouTube channel.
A British Airways flight was forced to turn around because of a "smelly poo". The plane was heading from Heathrow to Dubai on Thursday - a seven-hour flight. Speaking to Radio 1's Greg James, Sarah, who works for the airline said: "When you're up at that altitude the cabin has to be pressurised so the problem is that anything like that is actually a health and safety problem because only 50 percent of the air is being recycled and cleaned." In a statement, BA said: "A decision was taken to return for the safety and comfort of our customers on board. "We're very sorry for the discomfort to our customers.
With about two kilometers from start to finish, this was quite possibly the smallest traffic jam ever with this number of cars. :-D