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People sending text messages in the centre of the Belgian city of Antwerp have been provided with dedicated temporary "text walking lanes" so that they do not collide with pedestrians. The initiative - some would say publicity stunt - is the brainchild of a smartphone store based in the city. It says that a significant number of mobile phone breakages happen because of "text walking" collisions. There are now believed to be more mobile phones in the world than people.
The "Nieuwjaarsduik" is an annual event that started in 1960. An estimated 35,000 people participate. Unox, a Unilever brand, now sponsors the events with the now-traditional hats and gloves.
There are a number of different ball types, measuring anything from 68 mm to 51mm.
Valentine's Day has become more popular in recent years, but for Finns 14.02 will always be "Friends' day"!
A contender to the Belgian long-lasting love for beer? Of course not.