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17 year old Fred Pye started uploading walkthroughs for the blockbuster hit "Grand Theft Auto V". His parents were originally unhappy about his playing habits, but their tune changed after he started to make money from his YouTube channel.
Public drunkeness is permitted during Oktoberfest, although the police do remain vigilent for other breaches of the peace.
Though the authenticity of the remains is unverified, the faithful revere these relics across Europe. Other possible locations for St Valentine's remains: Poland, Austria and Malta. It is however unclear whether these multiple relics belonged to the original St Valentine who sparked the 14th of February's festivities.
The World Worm Charming Championships started in 1980 and is now an annual event that celebrates the sport.
There are 30 guns per 100 people in Iceland, yet the percentage of homicides per firearm is 0%. For comparision, USA - 67.5%, Switzerland -72.2%, Sweden 33.9% and Germany 26.3%.